Obliquity a Re-examination of Reality as Chasealias

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a Re-examination of Reality for the Creative(s) Use of Identity vs.Violation of Corporate Policies


Definition of obliquity. plural obliquities. 1 : deviation from moral rectitude or sound thinking. 2 a : deviation from parallelism or perpendicularity; also : the amount of such deviation b : the angle between the planes of the earth's equator and orbit having a value of about 23°27′

Chasealias Ds Pollack, a Performance Artist, spends extended periods of time studying his characters. Often living in their homes and wearing their clothing. It has become a ritualistic part of his method acting technique. The Performance Art Itself comes in any form, whether it is one on one, online chat, live and/or recorded video or audio. Pollack adds to genres of Performance Art and Net Art the dimensions of the "social network" and the possibility that humans can be anyone they choose to be.

This topic of using multiple identities and alters has become a vital point in the cloud computing security lexicon. Causing many to question Pollack's motives, often calling his work 'identity-fraud' and a 'violation of corporate policy'. Yet, as it stands, the ability for an Artist to create a character, "IS" freedom of speech and if a 'Corporate Policies' are in truth violating people's first amendment rights. then this work has served a very valid purpose. The protection of Freedom of Expression, Speech and the Net Art.


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